Ensuring a fully secure
work environment.

Providing peace of mind at the workplace

When it comes to the workplace, we’re there round the clock—greeting those arriving early and holding the door for the very last one to leave. From mobile patrols to CCTV surveillance, there’s not a precaution we won’t take to ensure a secure environment without overstepping our boundaries. So your tenants can concentrate on what they do best. The IPS corporate differences means offering:

  • Custom-fit emergency evacuation programs
  • Preventative daily routines to discover and eliminate any threats
  • Reception/visitor and check-in procedure guidance
  • Discrete personal constant surveillance and escort



The visibility of our courteous corporate security station team helps to provide a secure and welcoming atmosphere. Aside from property patrol, and 24/7 surveillance, our team is equipped in facility opening and closing procedures.


Experienced armed guards ready to optimize your financial institution’s security protocols to safeguard against burglaries, break-ins, and other criminal activities. Along with surveillance, our security specialists are trained in providing necessary staff support.


Our security specialists have experience in implementing protocols when it comes to monitoring facilities to ensure privacy, and deter theft of pharmaceutical supplies and equipment. Our team is also equipped to provide immediate response in cases of emergencies and disasters.


From securing the perimeter to guarding the property, our primary focus is the safety and security of staff and patients. Our guards are also proficient when it comes to managing alarm systems, CCTV, and other surveillance equipment.

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