shieldWe look out for you – and not just for your safety.

At IPS, we have a simple and powerful mission: to consistently deliver the most creative and elite security services to all of our clients. What makes us different is our compilation of extensive security training in both military and law enforcement as well as the broad and widely requested Hospitality services we provide to our luxurious hotels in cities nationwide. Our priority is to provide the most advanced protection while delivering it in a refined and lavish manner. Our dedication to passionate client loyalty, eye for detail and full-service approach set us apart from the company that simply assigns a guard to your doorstep.


Our management staff is only selected from elite security professions:


8585 percent of our management staff are experienced active, or recently retired, police officers from state or municipal agencies. They bring the unique local experience to our diverse team.

1010 percent are former military personnel from specialized units like the US Marine Corps. The unparalleled training that these individuals have make them a unique asset to our team.


55 percent are recent college graduates who have studied the industry, eager to start a career in law enforcement. This youthful intelligence combined with the years of experience of other team members creates a dynamic you won’t find anywhere else.



Our success is a result of rigorous training, impeccable work ethic and passion for what we do.