Philosophically, our company embraces a plethora of personal, cultural, religious, political and many other characteristics that make all of us unique. IPS Security is superior to any other security company because of the different elements that each of our employees have to offer. While we know the rest of the world may not operate this way, we strive to protect these individual rights by offering specialized security in areas and times of adversity. No matter the scale or circumstance, our specialized safety and protection services are available during times of very local, national and even global unrest. All IPS Special Security Team members are trained and completely trusted to handle:

  • Executive Protection & Extraction
  • Celebrity Escort
  • Strike/Picket
  • Religious/Cultural Event Security
  • Sabotage Prevention
  • Riot Prevention & Control
  • Crowd Control
  • Event Staffing
  • Payroll/Jewel Escort
  • Residential Patrol
  • Stalking

A necessary focus for these services include the Cultural and Religious sectors:

IPS works hand-in-hand with community, cultural and religious leaders to protect their patrons and parishioners, buildings and assets from bias and/or hate crimes. If necessary, IPS officers, who are familiar with most cultural and religious customs and practices, provide safe barriers between potential vandals and service attendees.



We keep an eye out, while all eyes are on them.

IPS has experience with dozens of well-known celebrity, high-profile executive and large-organization clients as this is one of our staple security services. We offer professional escort, in-transit planning and protection, crowd control, and on and off-premise survellience for those in the lime light.

Clients such as Jack Nicholas and Lee Travino, Emmitt Smith and John Elway, the PGA, NFL, NBA, MTV, Stryker/Howmedica/Osteonoics, Konica Cameras, The Men’s Warehouse, Morgan Stanley and Mercedes Benz have all called upon IPS for our unmatched security services and celebrity escort services.

K9 Security:

Partnerships are an integral piece of our work at IPS. Our team and clients foster relationships that allow us to serve and protect to the best of our ability. IPS has a unique partnership that allows us to protect our clients, even where our human senses fall short; our special K9 Unit comprised of officers and specially trained dogs are another fundamental reason why our company is different than most.

  • Appearance is an important factor when it comes to protection, and when you appear prepared and professional –  it proves to lower the the chances of any breach of security and control an incident that may arise. Our clients can take comfort knowing that with each member of the K9 security team, they will always have 2 sets of eyes watching over them.