casestudiesIndustry: Consumer Goods (Toys)

Client Type: Headquarters

Client For: 10 Years


IPS Security has partnered with Toys “R” US to provide top quality security services for its 200-acre World Headquarters in Wayne, NJ for the past 9 years. During that time, IPS personnel have safeguarded the entire campus from many external (and some internal) threats that have had the potential to cause great harm to nearly 2,000 associates and guests and the Toys “R” US brand. IPS Officers have responded to hundreds of incidents and have also responded to emergencies by using advanced life saving devices, such as an Automatic External Defibrillator.

IPS personnel have been called upon to provide personal protection for C-level executives on an around-the-clock basis. IPS has also acted in conjunction with the Secret Service to deploy plain clothes armed and unarmed officers throughout the campus to protect against a credible threat from an outside source. IPS personnel handled the situation discreetly and professionally while causing no disturbance to the daily business environment and day to day operations of the client.

Officers have also been called upon to provide added protection for many visiting elected officials and other high profile individuals including Governor Chris Christie, Heidi Klum, Shaquille O’Neill, Michael Strahan and Kelly Ripa.

IPS was relied upon to create the standard operating procedures relating to company safety and security issues, including emergency evacuation and lockdown procedures for Toys “R” US. Also, the client’s campus maintains an active helipad and trusted IPS to design a document that is now used for standard operating procedure for every inbound and outbound helicopter flight.


IPS Reasons For Success:

Our unique full-service approach allows us to put together a custom plan for any client. Toys “R” Us needed a multi-faceted plan to ensure the protection of its people and property were al covered and never compromised.