casestudiesIndustry: Manufacturing

Client Type: National


IPS recently conducted an elaborate case involving a manufacturing company that was experiencing large amounts of shrinkage with its inventory. This company had a tremendous distribution staff, multiple dock workers and numerous truck drivers. Because of the large amount of possible missing inventory, management was convinced there was a conspiracy amongst the warehouse personnel and the drivers. IPS was contracted to conduct an investigation regarding this possible theft scandal.  IPS organized a synchronized raid of several trucks after they left the loading docks which revealed many of the trucks to be carrying merchandise not listed on their manifests. After interviews with the suspected drivers, information was developed indicating that other loading dock employees were partnering with drivers to loot the client manufacturer. These investigations are very sensitive and require a great deal of experience; IPS proved to have the exact type of investigators that these situations call for.


IPS Reasons For Success:

The success of this investigation lends itself to the fact that IPS hires only former law enforcement officers as investigators, and supervisors who actively manage detective bureaus throughout the metropolitan area. These men and women are fully capable of handling any type of investigation. Whether the objective is very straightforward or extremely complex, IPS has every level of experience to execute any investigation.