Industry: Automotive

Client Type: International

Client For: 11 Years


IPS has had the opportunity to provide protection for one of the world’s most luxurious automobile manufacturers. This client required a full scope of security services and IPS devised a plan to meet all of the company’s specific needs: a personal protection plan for their top executives, a physical security for all their facilities, included internal and external investigations, installation and maintenance of their security systems, events throughout the world, and maintain the integrity of their future vehicles (secret cars).

Maintaining the integrity of these vehicles was quite challenging, as the secret vehicles were shipped from the manufacturer’s Europe-based plant to various places around the world, only to be viewed by a select and qualified audience. IPS was instructed and entrusted to prevent any automobile paparazzi, journalist or any competitor from photographing or catching a glimpse of these future vehicles. Our special security team travelled with the cars from one continent to another, year after year, with 100 percent success. All types of transporters were used including trucks, planes, and cargo ships to bring the cars to each of their destinations.  Grand ballrooms in Las Vegas, Monte Carlo, Stuttgart, Vancouver, Pebble Beach, Maui, and Beijing were a few of the major cities where these vehicles were displayed.


IPS Reasons For Success:

Intricate planning and precise execution were key to the success of this assignment. In the automobile manufacturing industry, the design and electronics of the future vehicles determine the success or failure, if they are compromised, surely their success would be questionable.